DUNE is highly skilled in communication (GSM, UMTS, 3G, LTE/LTE-A and WiMAX). Furthermore, the company can provide support in the field of emerging Heterogeneous Networks (HET-NETs) including femtocells, picocell and small cells.

The Company contributed to the development of several communication systems and actually DUNE is engaged in the development of EC research project in the ICT field.

The company activities in the communication fields are integrated by dedicated signal processing systems and HW solutions such as wideband demodulators, the design of HF modems, wireless local loop, large integrated system simulator and quality monitoring of GSM voice traffic services.

Wireless Communications

DUNE has developed research EC projects in the field of wireless communications and it has designed, optimized and developed dedicated algorithms (Blind Classification, Smart Jamming, Wireless Traffic Analysis).

The Company is also managing several EC projects regarding wireless communication such as a self configurable air interface (SURFACE), wireless sensor networks (WINSOC), wireless multi-hop networks (ROMANTIK) and smart antennas for broadband networks (SATURN).

GSM Voice Traffic Monitoring

The system has been designed to provide a quality monitoring of the GSM voice traffic measuring interruptions on the channels, detecting the presence of multipaths and providing quantitative information on the voice quality according to the PSQM and MOS parameters.

DUNE has developed the real-time voice processing according to the ITU-860 standards on a transportable system based on notebook and on-board audio boards (standard version).

An enhanced version employing dedicated hardware interfaces has also been developed by our company.

Large Integrated System Simulator

DUNE has provided feasibility, solutions, market analysis and specifications for an interactive simulator of large integrated system (LIS), compliant with the paradigms of the Network Centric Operations (NCO).

The company main activities include solutions for multi-layer simulation architectures for a LIS, definition of the metrics for the Measure of Performance (MOP) and Measure of Effectiveness (MOE) for each domain of the NCO (physical, cognitive and social), definition of operative and scalable vignettes for Defense and Border control LIS in which all the aspects of the NCO are exploitable, merging of cyclic-time and event-driven simulators into a unique architecture, management of crowds behaviour via multi-agent simulation.

Wireless Local Loop

The system has been designed for an original application of DECT standard.

DUNE has realized the feasibility study for mixed voice and data traffic (ISDN with basic access, fast Internet, asymmetric and connectionless, with variable data rate symmetrical and isochronous broadband services for videoconference DCA analysis).

Traffic analysis and optimization have been provided by dedicated simulations.

Communication Antijamming Simulator (SICRAL satellite)

The simulator has been developed to emulate the satellite payload front-end, the radio frequency components behaviour and the spatial nulling network.

DUNE has realized the geo-referenced graphical tool for the scenario design, the design and developing of the radio frequency behavior and the interference suppression algorithms.