Dune is mainly focused on analysis, design and development of embedded systems, real-time systems and communication network management.

The Projects carried out so far indicate the Company experience in application-ready solutions for real-time systems in multi-processor and multi-core architectures and in real-time architecture design, digital signal processing, algorithm simulation and optimization for multi-function radar, underwater acoustics, laser telemetry and robotic systems.

The Company also provides dedicated solutions in the Wireless Communication based on a consolidated experience in the telecommunication industry for LTE/LTE-A and WiMAX. Customer support is also provided in the field of emerging Heterogeneous Networks (HET-NETs) including femtocells, picocell and small cells.

Since 1990 DUNE has implemented special HW products to provide dedicated solutions for avionic and defense companies. It is currently developing innovative solutions regarding real-time acquisition/processing and a pedestrian localization system in areas where GPS is unreliable or absent.

The Company carries out the activities needed to complete system design such as processing architecture design, timing evaluation, simulation, optimization and validation of signal and data processing algorithms. In the case of revision of critical points and project changes, Dune provides testing and integration in the final environment.

We provide drafting, revision and critical reviews of the whole SW and HW technical documentation (requirements, specifications, software, test and manual documents) according to Standard UNI ISO 9001:2015 and the NATO Standard MIL-STD 498 Software Development.