Multichannel Acquisition System – D00210100

Senza titolo-1The system includes a proprietary sub-rack, several acquisition boards (CAS) and an AM control board. The capabilities to allocate from 1 to 16 CAS boards and to acquire up to 256 analog channels make the system very flexible.

CAS board is capable of sampling simultaneously up to 16 analog channels with a maximum frequency of 144 KHz. ADC has a dynamics of 24 bit. High performance DSP (ADSP21469 SHARC) is included in the board.

AM control board is capable of managing up to 16 CAS boards. It includes a FPGA (XC5VFX30T) and a communication processor (Freescale PPC MPC8349) which are present on the board and it is provided with a fast communication link (Gigabit Ethernet).

Fast multichannel acquisition and processing

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This device receives and processes in parallel the outputs of a large acoustical array (up to 256 elements). It is based on two proprietary boards:

Acquisition board D00210-01B, simultaneous ADC of 16 channels, 144 KHz each, 24-bit ADC

Processing board D00210-03A, on-board DSP (ADSP21469 Sharc) and FPGA (XC5VFX30T) for fast processing, galvanic separation between analog and digital sections.