ARIANNA is a pedestrian localization and tracking system to be used in environments where the GPS signal is unreliable or absent (inside buildings, underground areas, GPS-denied environments). It started to be developed in 2013 as follow up of a previous project called RESCUE.

It is a system designed for first responders such as Police, Civil Protection and Firefighters and more generally where the knowledge of an operator location is an important element to determine security and success of the operations.

Due to its small dimensions and weight, ARIANNA system is easily wearable by the pedestrian to be localized.

The system includes an Inertial Sensing Unit to be attached inside or outside a shoe heel, a Computing Unit processing raw data and a MMI SW used to acquire, integrate and display the path walked by the operators wearing the system.

DUNE has integrated additional information such as GPS, when available, even if intermitted, compass, SW solutions to overlap inertial position data with existing maps and magnetic charging Sensing Unit when placed on a shoe heel.

More recently Dune has introduced the “contextual navigation” concept. This new algorithm,  based on the knowledge of the points to be visited more times, dramatically increases the localization precision. In addition, Dune has created ARIANNA –  MAP to be used in the environment where the digital map is available.

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