Capability in image processing

Dune expertise in image processing has over 40 years experience. The company has been dealing with the discovery of “hot” objects in thermal imaging and tracking over time. We developed research and published scientific papers in the field of “stereo matching” and also realized an optical rangefinder using an array of DSPs.

Among the realizations we can mention the development of a tracking system for laser welding, an automatic system capable of discovering special pollution in the rivers and in the sea from aerial imagery. In the last years we have coordinated a research project whose primary goal was the registering of medical images acquired from different systems such as TAC, RNM or other sensors.

Even more recently, we have leveraged our expertise to measure with objective and quantitative methods the quality of the industrial products. The applications are various: flaws detection in the molding of plastic or metallic sheets, check of the plates coating uniformity, implementation of dimensional measurements in the manufactured articles obtained by molding or by other industrial processes.

Dune is able to define and design the analysis setup, choose the most appropriate lighting and shooting systems, define the acquisition criteria, processing and storage of images. In addition, we can realize, according to the customer specifications, the most appropriate interfaces to interact with the human operators or with the factory computer systems.