The Company has a consolidated working experience in communications (GSM, UMTS, 3G, LTE/LTE-A and WiMAX) and provides support in the emerging Heterogeneous Networks (HET-NETs) including femtocells, picocells and small cells.

The Company provides its customers with software services, research consultancy, user trials support, test specification, installation and commissioning services, radio parameterization, measurement data analysis, drive testing and post-processing, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) extraction, survey of the end users, network optimization specification.

DUNE has developed original algorithms for wireless communication systems and has been engaged in EC projects regarding wireless communication such as a self configurable air interface (SURFACE), wireless sensor networks (WINSOC), wireless multi-hop networks (ROMANTIK) and smart antennas for broadband networks (SATURN).

The company activities in the communication fields are integrated by signal processing dedicated systems and HW solutions such as a wideband demodulator, HF modem, a wireless local loop system, a large integrated system simulator and an estimator of quality GSM voice traffic services.


Blind Classification: algorithms for the study, design, implementation, and evaluation of an end-to-end system for blind analysis and classification of digital wireless signals by passive listening. Development of nonlinear approaches for the classification of unknown received signals, such as SC or OFDM, estimation of the baud rate, carrier offset compensation, signal features extraction and estimation of the employed constellation.

Smart jamming: a smart jammer is a stealth jamming method which relies on specific PHY-level (or MAC layer) features of a digital communication standard, targeting at jamming only the most vulnerable parts of the communications, insuring a reduced probability of interception of the jamming action. DUNE designed the protocols and paradigms for smart jamming of communications of a known standard. In addition, DUNE designed and developed the system-level simulator for the performances evaluation of a single or multiple smart jammers over a single cell or multi-cell radio network, confirming the effectiveness of the approach.

Wireless traffic analysis: study and design of novel algorithms for the traffic analysis of a known communication Standard, only based on passive listening. Design of the metrics for the reconstruction of the information flow across the network and for hierarchical levels estimation of the units in the network. Design and implementation of the system-level evaluation simulator for the performances assessment of the devised traffic analysis algorithms in a wireless network.

EC Projects

Since 1992 DUNE has been developing Research Projects with Italian and EU Partners.

The Company has been responsible for managing and leading all the project phases: innovative project assessment, international partner contacts, proposal preparation, project management.