3-D Mapping of Seabed

The system is a multi-beam sonar designed for submarine vehicles having 3D mapping capabilities.

DUNE has designed and developed the whole system (processing HW design, multi-processor real-time architecture definition, acoustical data acquisition, beamforming and processing algorithms) on 5 FASP-2 boards with 4 DSP Sharc each.

Satellite Radar Interferometer

ESA – European Space Agency WINTER-F Project The system includes two satellites along the same orbit with on-board transmitters and receivers.

DUNE has managed the feasibility study and the processing algorithm definition, simulation and optimization.

Synthetic Aperture Radar (X-SAR, ERS1)

I-PAF Project, ERS-1 satellite DUNE has defined, optimized and developed a set of signal processing algorithms for Synthetic Aperture Radars X-SAR and ERS-1 and has also provided a visualization system of images on Unix and VAX/VMS workstations.

Acoustic Remote Sensing

European Commission, MAST-1,-2 Program, MArine Science and Technology It is a processing system designed to estimate sea current velocity and refraction value fields.

DUNE has developed and optimized the processing algorithms (Doppler analysis, multistatic correlation profilers, modeling of the scattered fields, synthetic echoes generation).

Active Acoustical Camera

European Commission, MAST-1 Program, MArine Science and Technology It is a broadband sonar designed for submarine vehicles providing high resolution 3-D imaging for identification and classification of buried objects and mapping of the seabed.

DUNE has developed and optimized the system algorithms (echo and image data classification, optimization in turbid water and the related, innovative stereo-correlation method) also performing the evaluation of performances and the final validation in an anechoic chamber.