TEAMAWARE February 2024 - Dune Sistemi

TEAMAWARE – February 2024

Demonstrations were conducted on February 2024 in Bursa, Turkey, over 4 long days and nights incorporating an over-night component. These demonstrations focus firstly on DUNE product developers providing the necessary training to the end users who will utilize our ARIANNA localization system. The reality-based demonstrations concerned building damage, explosion and chemical leak at Bursa Fire…

TEAMAWARE - Dune Sistemi


On September 16, 2023, DUNE has participated in a clustering event at the underground facility Zentrum am Berg (ZAB) in Styria, Austria together with partners from the projects Med1stMR (funded by Horizon Europe) and NIKE-med (funded by the AUSTIRAN FFG). At this field exercise, a real life testing inside a tunnel system took place, where…

Dune Anniversary

Dune has reached 41 years of activity in the field of electronics. The leaders and staff are very proud to be part of this company that has always worked with the utmost seriousness reaching the most important results.


Dune attended the MILIPOL Paris 2019 – France The MILIPOL is a Leading Event for Homeland Security and Safety that took place in Paris on November 19 – 22, 2019


. Dune attended the FLORIAN Messe in Dresden – Germany. The FLORIAN is a trade fair for Fire Brigades, Civil Protection and Disaster Control that took place October 10 -12, 2019 in Dresden, Germany. Integrating the rescue service forum into FLORIAN stands for the holistic approach to regard all rescue forces in this unique fair.

Clean Sky

INSAT – In the context of Clean Sky EU Project, Dune has turned out winner of the INSAT project which involves the construction of a Test Bench for the new aircrafts Tilt Rotors that will be realized by Leonardo Helicopters SpA.